Chief Executive Officer: Dr. Chris Wright

Chris Pic - May 2015 - 8 x 10Chris is the former group operations director of AEA Technology PLC, responsible for Lithium-ion battery licensing, and CEO of IP2IPO Ltd (now IP Group). He is a highly experienced entrepreneur and former executive chairman at Covesion Ltd and Molecular Vision Ltd.

Chief Technology Officer: Dr. Jerry Barker

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Jerry is a world renowned battery scientist, having set up and managed battery research facilities in both the US and the UK. Over the course of his career, he has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of battery technology, from the active materials to their scale up and integration into battery systems.  Former chief scientist at Valence Technology Inc., Jerry is an inventor on over 90 issued and ~ 50 pending US battery patents. Some noteworthy examples of Jerry’s inventions include the well-known Li-ion materials LiVPO4F, Li3V2(PO4)3, LiMSO4F, Li2MP2O7, LiFe(Mg)PO4 along with the Carbothermal Reduction (CTR) manufacturing method.  As a result of Jerry’s impressive track record in this field, he was presented with the International Battery Materials Association Technology Award 2012, for his contributions to identifying new secondary battery cathode materials and related materials.

Non Executive Director: Ashwin KumaraswamyAshwin Pic - May 2015 - 8 x 10

Ashwin is an investment manager for Finance Yorkshire, whose seedcorn fund enabled the successful start up of Faradion. Ashwin started his career as a technology entrepreneur and has become an expert in the identification and development of technology companies. Ashwin is  an investment manager for Enterprise Ventures and holds positions on the boards of several up and coming companies.

Non Executive Director: Tore Sylvester Jeppesen

Tore Sylvester Jeppesen Pic - 8 x 10Tore is a general manager for Haldor Topsoe, a global market leader in catalysis and related process technologies and the second corporate investor to invest in Faradion. Tore has been with Topsoe 2006-2011, with roles both in plant commissioning and project management, before rejoining Topsoe in 2014, moving to the new and emerging business unit. Prior to rejoining Topsoe, Tore spent two years at the Danish venture fund SEED Capital as an investment manager working with early stage investments.