Sodium technology

Sodium-ion cathode materials

Faradion is building 3 Ah prismatic cells as part of a project co-funded by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, with Williams Advanced Engineering and the University of Oxford. The cells, containing Faradion’s novel cell chemistry, are being incorporated into battery packs by Williams, as shown below.


WAE 12-cell module design

A 12 cell module design by Williams Advanced Engineering, incorporating Faradion’s 3 Ah cells.


Availability for licensing

Faradion’s IP portfolio covers several ranges of materials, providing many novel materials from which to chose, depending on the application required. The Faradion technology is able to be developed for both energy and power applications.

Faradion wishes to license its technology and new materials to materials manufacturers and cell manufacturers, as well as other commercial partners. If you are interested in pursuing such an opportunity, please contact us.