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Dr. Jerry Barker to lecture at Chalmers University of Technology on Sodium-ion Batteries: Fundamentals & Applications The H2020 project NAIADES and Chalmers Battery Initiative are pleased to announce a 4-day Summer School on “Sodium-ion Batteries: Fundamentals & Applications” aimed at PhD students, postdocs, and industry researchers alike.  The purpose and aim will be to spread knowledge about […]

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Dr. Jerry Barker, Ph.D., Founder and CTO, will be presenting at the 34th Annual International Battery Seminar & Exhibit, 20th – 23rd March, Fort Lauderdale, FL USA.   Founded in 1983, the International Battery Seminar & Exhibit has established itself as the premier event showcasing the state of the art of worldwide energy storage technology […]

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Mercia Technologies PLC (“Mercia”, “the Company” or “the Group”) Mercia Technologies PLC (AIM: MERC), a national investment group focused on the creation, funding and scaling of innovative technology businesses with high growth potential from the UK regions, is pleased to announce a new direct investment of up to £1.9million in Faradion Limited (“Faradion”), a company […]

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Process for Preparing Metal-Containing Compounds European Patent App No.: EP13806053.8 European Patent Grant No.: EP2938571 Patent being validated in: France, Germany and the United Kingdom Doped Nickelate Compounds European Patent Application No. EP13789884.7  

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Dr. Jerry Barker’s presentation, ‘Towards the Commercialization of High Energy Density Na-Ion Batteries’ at the 3rd International Conference on Na-ion Battery conference in Geelong, Australia was very well received.  Batteries represent an attractive alternative to their lithium-ion counterparts, and are expected to offer some significant commercial advantages such as lower material costs and improved safety characteristics. To […]

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Doped Nickelate Compound (China) (Granted) CN2013800363653 Metal Containing Compound (Japan) (Published) JP2015-544527 Sulfate Electrodes (Japan) (Published) JP2014-555309 Doped Nickelate Compounds (Europe) (Granted) EP13739254.4 Doped Nickelates Sodium (Europe) (Granted) EP13739252.8 Doped Nickelates Compounds (Europe) (Granted) EP13739249.4 Doped Nickelates Lithium (Europe) (Granted) EP13739253.6 Condensed Polyanion Electrodes (Europe) (Granted) EP2761687 (EP12769157.4) (Issued)

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Faradion is pleased to announce the appointment of Ieuan Colebrook (Chemical Engineering, University of Sheffield), Jeremy Podgorski (Mechanical Engineering, University of Sheffield) and Rebecca Shutt (Chemistry, University of Oxford) as their most recent recruits at their Sheffield facility.

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Dr. Ruth Sayers recently presented at the Batteries Event, 28th – 30th September in Nice, France. For 18 years, the Batteries event remains the meeting place of technologies (lead acid, NiMH, Li-ion Post), applications (from micro batteries to large format batteries) and the value chain (chemist’s OEMs and end users). Over three days, the conference […]

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The annual international conference is the third scientific meeting on sodium batteries established as a technical and collaborative forum to bring together technical, policy, and government experts in battery science and engineering, as a next-generation energy storage technology for “Beyond Li-ion” battery chemistries. The topics covered will include: Battery materials Materials designs and interactions […]

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Dr Jerry Barker is assisting in organising the 3rd International Conference on Sodium Batteries (3rd Na Battery), from 7th to 9th December 2016 at The Pier Geelong Waterfront Victoria Australia. Dr Barker will serve as a Member of the International Advisory Committee and Scientific Board for this conference.

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Faradion Battery Development Technician Faradion Battery Materials Lab Assistant Faradion Cell Build & Equipment Maintenance Engineer

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Winners of government competition will develop ideas to cut vehicle emissions and help plug-in cars drive further.   Formula 1 (F1) technology could soon make family cars lighter, improve fuel efficiency and help plug-in vehicles go further – after an innovative research project won a share of a £38.2 million government prize. The project is one […]

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Partnership will see three stakeholders develop battery technology for solar energy storage Affordability of sodium-ion technology makes solar energy storage more accessible Solar energy storage could reduce CO2 by 500,000 tonnes per year The innovator of sodium-ion battery technology, Faradion, is partnering with smart energy storage specialists, Moixa Technology, and WMG, University of Warwick to […]

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Joint R&D partnership aims to bring sodium-ion batteries to market Innovative Faradion technology will be developed at AGM Batteries’ facility in Caithness Sodium-ion batteries could cost around 30% less to produce than lithium-ion Pioneer of sodium-ion battery technology, Faradion, will partner with UK-based lithium-ion cell developer and manufacturer, AGM Batteries. The research and development partnership […]

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Faradion Ltd. is pleased to announce the appointment of Francis Massin as Chief Executive Officer. Francis has served as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Nanocyl SA, a company producing specialist and industrial carbon nanotubes for improved performance materials. Francis has more than 20 years’ experience in scientific, industrial and business development at Dow […]

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Transporting batteries would become easier and cheaper if they were sodium-ion rather than lithium-ion More than three billion lithium-ion batteries are transported by air every year The leading sodium-ion battery innovator, Faradion, is a UK-based company with significant international investment The air transit of more than three billion batteries each year, which is crucial for […]

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Faradion recently appeared in an article by the Guardian. This article describes how Faradion is helping to drive down the cost of battery packs for electric vehicles and energy storage units, whilst increasing safety. An online version of the article can be found here.

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Faradion’s Chairman, Dr Chris Wright, appears on BBC World News to comment on an announcement by Tesla and to explain how Faradion’s sodium-ion batteries are the technology to watch for the future.

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Start-up British battery developer Faradion is now able to push forward with its development programme following the decision of three of its investors – Finance Yorkshire, Rising Stars Growth Fund and Haldor Topsøe A/S (a global market leader in catalysis and related process technologies) – to add to funding they and a Japanese electronics giant […]

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Faradion has appeared in an article in the autumn edition of BEST magazine. This article describes Faradion’s history, achievements, and plans for the future.

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Faradion has appeared in an article in October’s edition of Chemistry & Industry. This article discusses the use and commercialisation of sodium-based battery systems, as lower cost alternatives to lithium-ion batteries.

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Faradion has appeared in the cover story of a recent edition of Chemical & Engineering News. This article, entitled Chemistry’s Electric Opportunity, describes how the cost of today’s batteries is prohibitive for applications such as electric vehicles, and how novel technologies such as Faradion’s sodium-ion batteries can help to drive down the cost of such applications. The future of […]

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Faradion, Williams Advanced Engineering and the Department of Materials, University of Oxford have been awarded a grant from the UK Government’s Technology Strategy Board (TSB) for a collaborative project to scale up one of Faradion’s novel battery technologies for use in clean energy transport applications. This project will demonstrate the use of novel low cost […]

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The Sheffield based battery technology company Faradion Limited, UK has received further investment from a consortium comprising Haldor Topsøe A/S, a global market leader in catalysis and related process technologies, Finance Yorkshire’s Seedcorn Fund and Rising Stars Growth Fund II LP. As part of the investment Haldor Topsøe will collaborate with Faradion to further co-develop and scale up key parts of the company’s sodium-ion technology. Furthermore Haldor Topsøe receives a license to manufacture and sell cathode materials for sodium-ion batteries using Faradion technology.

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Faradion and Sharp Laboratories of Europe (SLE) have recently been awarded a grant from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) for a collaborative project to develop and scale up a new battery technology for residential and community storage systems.

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Faradion Limited (, a UK-based start-up company, engaged in the development of next-generation energy storage solutions, announces the publication of its patent application (PCT/GB2012/052363) entitled ‘Condensed Polyanion Electrodes’. This application is an important step forward in demonstrating the use of sodium-ion cathode materials for use in rechargeable sodium-ion battery applications. Faradion believes these inexpensive active […]

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Faradion Ltd ( the Sheffield based energy storage company developing low-cost sodium-ion technology has received an equity investment from a multinational company, a world leading energy company, with whom it is also starting a collaboration.

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Dr. Jerry Barker, CTO of Faradion, has been awarded the International Battery Materials Association (IBA) Technology Award for 2012. The prestigious award is granted for “contributions made to identifying new secondary battery cathode materials and related materials research field, which has been recognized internationally”.

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A Sheffield start-up business has added two experienced and knowledgeable experts to help lead its development for future growth. Faradion, based at the Electric Works, is developing new ways to bring down the cost of high-capacity batteries which will make electric vehicles more practical. The company, which is named after chemist and physicist Michael Faraday, […]

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A new Sheffield start-up, named after a 19th century scientist, is ready to spark into life after becoming one of the first companies to receive an investment from Finance Yorkshire. Faradion, based at the Electric Works, Sheffield Digital Campus, has received a five-figure Seedcorn Fund investment to help bring down the cost of high-capacity batteries […]