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Doped Nickelate Compound (China) (Granted) CN2013800363653 Metal Containing Compound (Japan) (Published) JP2015-544527 Sulfate Electrodes (Japan) (Published) JP2014-555309 Doped Nickelate Compounds (Europe) (Granted) EP13739254.4 Doped Nickelates Sodium (Europe) (Granted) EP13739252.8 Doped Nickelates Compounds (Europe) (Granted) EP13739249.4 Doped Nickelates Lithium (Europe) (Granted) EP13739253.6 Condensed Polyanion Electrodes (Europe) (Granted) EP2761687 (EP12769157.4) (Issued)

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Partnership will see three stakeholders develop battery technology for solar energy storage Affordability of sodium-ion technology makes solar energy storage more accessible Solar energy storage could reduce CO2 by 500,000 tonnes per year The innovator of sodium-ion battery technology, Faradion, is partnering with smart energy storage specialists, Moixa Technology, and WMG, University of Warwick to […]

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Joint R&D partnership aims to bring sodium-ion batteries to market Innovative Faradion technology will be developed at AGM Batteries’ facility in Caithness Sodium-ion batteries could cost around 30% less to produce than lithium-ion Pioneer of sodium-ion battery technology, Faradion, will partner with UK-based lithium-ion cell developer and manufacturer, AGM Batteries. The research and development partnership […]

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Faradion Limited (, a UK-based start-up company, engaged in the development of next-generation energy storage solutions, announces the publication of its patent application (PCT/GB2012/052363) entitled ‘Condensed Polyanion Electrodes’. This application is an important step forward in demonstrating the use of sodium-ion cathode materials for use in rechargeable sodium-ion battery applications. Faradion believes these inexpensive active […]

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Faradion Ltd ( the Sheffield based energy storage company developing low-cost sodium-ion technology has received an equity investment from a multinational company, a world leading energy company, with whom it is also starting a collaboration.